By now, you’re very familiar with the stories of conservatives getting trapped in the #TwitterGulag after being blocked and reported for spam. But it seems that the official @BarackObama Twitter account has also taken to blocking critics of the president.

From the Jammie Wearing Fool:

Well, so much for transparency. Apparently the thin-skinned occupant of the White House, or whoever is running his Twitter account, can’t handle a little ribbing from a constituent. Like many on Twitter I enjoy adding “@BarackObama” to tweets if I’m poking fun at him, which happens often.

Then the other day when he personally  sent a tweet from a long distance saying he was “standing by” the hapless Tom Barrett in Wisconsin, I went to check it out.

Then I found I was blocked from seeing his tweets.

So here I am, someone helping pay this jerk’s salary and I can’t see his tweets? It seems more than a little childish for the President of the United States (or his handlers) to be blocking access to an account followed by over 16 million people.  We assume it’s a staffer behind this. If it’s Obama himself, we’ve got much larger problems than we thought.

Does one little blogger really get under their skin that much? If so, mission accomplished.

We’ve always known President Obama had a thin skin, but we didn’t realize just how thin it actually is.

Based on a quick Twitter search, the @BarackObama account’s practice of blocking dissenters doesn’t seem to be too prevalent. Not yet, at least. It seems like the blocking may have started only recently.

Does Barack Obama have a new kind of enemies’ list? And are you on it? Let us know if El Presidente has blocked you, too.