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Dr. Pradheep Shanker takes closer look at KBJ's 'racist and dismissive' affirmative action case dissent

We just told you about Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson's dissenting opinion in the case in which the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in college admissions with a 6 to 3 ruling. It was an incoherent mess that read like it was written by someone who is woefully out of her depth and definitely shouldn't have a seat on the highest court in the land. It read like it was written by someone like that because it was written by someone like that.


But as incoherent and messy as KBJ's dissent is, it's important not to overlook that it's also hella racist.

Our friend Dr. Pradheep Shanker has argued many times quite forcefully against affirmative action and race-based discrimination by colleges and universities, particularly with regard to Asian and Asian-American students. And in Ketanji Brown Jackson's dissenting opinion in today's SCOTUS ruling, Dr. Shanker finds truly disturbing, truly racist undertones.

He takes a more in-depth look at her dissent in a thread:


"And KJB is the voice of it." We couldn't have put it better ourselves. A Supreme Court Justice is arguing not only that racist college admissions policies are constitutional, but that they're actually good. 


We don't care who you are, but that's seriously messed up. And it's incumbent upon us to continue to expose progressive racism and call out all of its practitioners, including Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.



Dr. Pradheep Shanker explains what law prof *really* means when he talks about '[saving] the planet'


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