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Noah Rothman’s cover story for the most recent issue of National Review is all about the radical Left’s “War on Things That Work.” The Left, in the name of fighting climate change, is on a mission to take away modern-day conveniences that are convenient because they work and replace them with stuff that not only doesn’t work, but is quite often worse in many ways than the stuff they’re trying to replace.


This a really important story about a really important topic. So, it’s only natural that radical leftists would strongly object to it. Which brings us to Anthony Michael Kreis, a law professor and political scientist at the Georgia State University College of Law. Kreis sees the War on Things That Work a bit differently from how Rothman sees it, i.e. Kreis either doesn’t get it or is deliberately ignoring the truth in order to deceive his followers:


In other words, Anthony is willing to debate the merits of Rothman’s argument with “reasonable minds,” but any mind that would disagree with Anthony is clearly not reasonable. Pretty neat trick, huh?

Anyway, it’s pretty hilarious that Anthony is suggesting to his followers that the Left’s climate agenda is just some innocent careful regulation of just a few little things. Nothing to get concerned about.



We rather like this rebuttal to Kreis’ BS from Dr. Pradheep Shanker. Aside from actually understanding Rothman’s point, Dr. Shanker is also a hell of a lot more honest than Kreis about what’s really going on here:


And don’t forget the cloth bags teeming with bacteria!

Not only do they not want to solve the problem, but they want to create a bunch of new problems. Because then they can use those problems to justify “carefully regulating” even more aspects of our lives.



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