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Joe Biden goes flying at Air Force Academy graduation in nasty-looking fall, and MSM leap into action; UPDATED

President Joe Biden was at the Air Force Academy to speak at the graduation ceremony.


But none of the jets went flying quite like Biden did:

That looked like a nasty fall. And in all seriousness, we hope he’s OK.

Also in all seriousness, we hope that someone in the media finally wakes up to the reality that the rest of us have been living in and recognizes that this man is neither mentally nor physically prepared for another presidential campaign, much less another presidential term.

To say the very least. We don’t expect Joe Biden’s family to give a damn about his health at this point (despite the fact that his own wife is a “doctor”), but good Lord, we’d like to think that somewhere out there is an MSM journalist or five who are not only genuinely concerned about this but also concerned enough to raise those concerns publicly.


Unfortunately, we get that same feeling. The MSM used up their concern on Donald Trump doing far less alarming things with his body. How can they go after Biden now?

That’s right!

That just about sums it up. Meanwhile, looks like this is how our media’s going to sum it up:


“Recovers quickly.” Guys! He’s just like Wolverine!

This is no big deal. Definitely not important that our 80-year-old president just fell really hard.

Thanks for putting it in perspective, Snopes reporter guy!

Did Jonathan watch the video? Yes, technically Biden got up … but he didn’t do it on his own. He couldn’t’ve gotten up on his own if he wanted to.

Shorter media: Don’t believe your lying eyes; believing our lying mouths.

Just wait for it.


Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text and tweets.



Think this can’t look any worse for Biden and our media? Think again:

Can we get a follow-up on that, CNN?



Never mind, guys! Everything’s fine. Everything’s totally fine:

And who are we to doubt the word of the White House? The same White House that has assured us repeatedly that Joe Biden has always been and will always be honest with the American people?

But in case the White House’s word isn’t good enough for you, here’s former Chief of Staff Ron Klain to talk us off the ledge:


Ron Klain says to calm down, you nervous nellies. If that’s not good enough for you, we don’t know what is.




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