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Lying liar Amanda Gorman's persecution complex has officially crossed into pathological territory

Amanda Gorman is the first person to be named America’s National Youth Poet Laureate and she wrote and read a poem at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration, which we guess are pretty significant accomplishments for someone so young. And we certainly don’t begrudge her taking pride in that. But it kinda seems like maybe all that fame has gone to her head, or at least rendered her completely annoying.


Recall that last week, there was a big to-do in the media and on the Left (but we repeat ourselves) about Gorman’s poem being banned from a Florida school. And it was Gorman herself who really got that narrative ball rolling:

The thing was that Gorman’s poem hadn’t been banned at all. It had just been moved to a different shelf. We wondered if Gorman had just gotten bad information from an unreliable source, or if she, in fact, was the source of the bad information herself. The more we hear from her, the more inclined we are to believe that it’s the latter.

Here’s what she tweeted over the weekend:


This is the full text of Gorman’s tweet:

They won’t call it a ban. Yet not only has my book been moved, but now elementary schoolers must request a copy from a specialist at its new site AND then also PROVE their reading level before seeing a copy. All these hurdles for a young reader just to access a poem in history written for them. @MDCPS, history is not ours to hoard from children. History has always been theirs to make. And the more they’re empowered to know our yesterdays, the more prepared they will be to lead us into tomorrow.

With all due respect, Ms. Gorman, kindly shut up.

Gorman owes the school an apology. Instead, she’s chosen to move the narrative goalposts in order to continue shaming the school for “banning” her poem, because the truth isn’t nearly as exciting as Gorman wants it to be, and that clout isn’t going to build itself.

Nope. Of course it’s not true.

And the thing is that not only does Amanda Gorman look like a dishonest shrew after all this, but on top of that, she’s undermining her own “I’m such a thoughtful and brilliant and mature young woman” image:





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