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Elizabeth Spiers would totally box trans woman in her weight class for charity, but she just can't, OK?

Earlier this month, we heard from NYU j-school professor and New York Times opinion contributor and Democratic digital media/polling strategist Elizabeth Spiers — who also cofounded Gawker, by the way — about how the New York City subway system is perfectly safe, even though she got groped that one time and lots of other riders’ personal subway experiences have involved violence of some kind.


Elizabeth seems to have an extremely high opinion of her own opinions, doesn’t she? As though she deserves the final say on all the things. Things like subway safety. And trans women in sports.

But trans women aren’t women, Elizabeth. That’s what the “trans” part means. Do you seriously think that there’s ultimately no difference between you and a trans woman? Care to put that theory to the test?


Sounds like a great opportunity for her to put someone else’s money where her big mouth is. Everybody wins! So? Is she up for it?

So, if she had boxing experience, she’d do it? That’s all that’s stopping her?

Nonsense. We’re sure Liz is more than capable of getting into the boxing ring against a biological man. Especially under these conditions:

OK, so skill level would be equal. Sounds like we’ve got everything squared away. How about now, Liz? Whaddaya say? You in?


Ah. So that’s a no, then. In fact, not only is it a no, but it was always going to be a no.

And she’d be just as likely to give her trans woman opponent CTE, no?

That’s exactly what it sounds like because that’s exactly what she’s saying.

Would Elizabeth be willing to box one of those men who pretends to be a baby? We’re just trying to figure out what she’s actually OK with in practice and not just in theory.


It really does.

Elizabeth just struck a knockout blow against wokeness and didn’t even have to lift a finger!



Dem strategist draws Venn diagram of men with guns and men who are afraid to take the subway


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