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Ana Navarro reminds us that being nonwhite doesn't make you immune from being a white supremacist

Without a manifesto, we still don’t have even the faintest hint of an idea as to what motivated the Covenant shooter all these weeks later, but it took the media next to no time to deduce that the man who murdered eight people at an outdoor mall in Allen, Texas, over the weekend was motivated by white supremacist beliefs.


(Note: CNN has added a photo of another victim, Aishwarya Thatikonda, who is not white.)

Is it possible that the Allen shooter, Mauricio Garcia, had white supremacist beliefs? Sure, it’s technically possible. Occasionally you’ll run across a neo-Nazi type who doesn’t fit the usual mold. White supremacist Holocaust-denier Nick Fuentes reportedly claims to have Mexican heritage.

That being said, it’s pretty disturbing to watch the media fall all over themselves to assign a motive to the shooting without having all the information. It’s an unfortunate pattern that has emerged following mass shootings and more often than not, their narrative turns out to be, if not outright false, at least riddled with holes. Why can’t the media wait for the facts instead of rushing to judgment? Why do they prioritize narratives over facts?


It should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that the shooting came up on “The View” today, where it became part of a larger discussion among the ladies about mass shootings in America:

So we shouldn’t be taking a closer look at mental health issues and treatments and should instead just keep blaming inanimate objects for violence?


Perhaps the women of “The View” could benefit from some mental health services …

And speaking of race, let’s go back to Ana Navarro for her take on the shooter’s alleged white supremacist ideology:

Thank you, Ana, for that reminder. We were starting to forget what a shameless partisan you truly are (OK, we hadn’t really forgotten, but it never hurts to be reminded).


Honestly, more than anything else, this is annoying. Why is Ana Navarro qualified to decide what does or doesn’t make someone else a white supremacist, but if we, say, point out that Dylan Mulvaney is a biological male who makes a living mocking women, we’re speaking out of turn and disrespecting Dylan’s truth?

Intellectual consistency is not their strong suit. Let’s just put it that way.

However they need to twist it and bend it and deform it. Meanwhile, we don’t recall Ana Navarro and “The View” getting upset about this:

Maybe because to them, racism isn’t an insidious societal disease so much as it is a convenient weapon to deploy against conservatives when the political opportunity presents itself.

Anyway, Ana’s dumb remarks aren’t completely without merit … they actually come in handy if we want to back her into a tight intellectual corner:


By Ana’s criteria, can’t she be a white supremacist, too?

Uh-oh, Ana! We’ve always gotten major white-supremacist vibes from her, you know.

Who’s not a white supremacist?


Our heads hurt thinking about it, so we can’t even begin to imagine how much pain Ana is in right now.

Maybe Mauricio Garcia was a white supremacist. Maybe he wasn’t. Unlike Ana Navarro et al., we’re willing to wait until we know more before making a pronouncement either way. And if it turns out that he was a far-Right neo-Nazi nutball on a homicidal mission, we sure as hell won’t turn him into a martyr like the Left and media have done with Audrey Hale. We’ll tell you that much right now.


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