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AOC furious that House GOP is abusing time and resources on 'Hunter Biden's half-fake laptop story'

As we told you, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used part of her very precious and valuable time at today’s House Oversight Committee hearing on the Twitter-FBI campaign to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 presidential election cycle to lie about @LibsofTikTok and fan the flames of stochastic terrorism.


But in fairness, AOC did take a little bit of time to focus on the subject at hand. Of course, it was only in the context of talking about how there was absolutely nothing to see here:

Hmmm. Maybe not quite as catchy as Jamie Raskin’s “trivial pursuit” line, but it gets the job done. Or at least half-done?

A half-fake 24-hour hiccup!

The irony of AOC complaining that “this is an embarrassment” is clearly lost on her. She’s the embarrassment here, not even making the slightest effort to conceal the fact that she’s relying on the kindness of squirrels to make all of this go away. And then there’s the whole “half-fake” thing, which … what is she trying to say? Does she think she’s helping Dems’ case, or … ?


The important half. The half that matters. The Twitter Files were damning enough without Twitter execs digging their graves even deeper at today’s hearing. And AOC thinks she’s helping them when in fact she’s only helping to affirm that the Democrats are making a concerted effort to deceive the public.

It wasn’t “alleged” or “fake,” though, was it? It was accurate and true. All of it. And that makes it inconvenient for AOC and the Democrats.

And we all know how AOC and Democrats like to deal with inconvenient truths.


AOC is a lethal combination of stupid and dangerous.


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