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Matthew Foldi's thread illustrates 'how wildly out of touch' NYT is with 'basically the entire world'

The New York Times has been circling the drain for a while now, but it really does feel like it recent years, they’ve picked up speed and are on a collision course with whatever greasy detritus is already lurking down in the pipes. You’ve probably noticed this as well.


Former GOP congressional candidate and investigative reporter Matthew Foldi definitely has, and yesterday, he put together a handy but by no means complete thread showcasing just how badly the New York Times have managed to fall out of favor with the general public. And, as Foldi’s thread makes clear, the New York Times fully deserves their ever-worsening reputation.

Take a look:

Oh, lawdy … the “master bedroom” business.


What a stupid, stupid time to be alive.

“Poisons” is the perfect word to use in this scenario. Journalism has been poisoned, and the New York Times has not just allowed it to happen, but actively participated in the poisoning.



A gap that only grows wider and wider with each passing day.

We couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves.



Matthew Foldi looks at the media’s effort to blame a ‘Republican group’ for the Lincoln Project’s tiki-torch stunt

Matthew Foldi does the Walker-obsessed MSM’s job for them and airs out Raphael Warnock’s own truckload of dirty laundry


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