We hope we’ve been pretty clear around here that Georgia Republican Senate hopeful Herschel Walker has got problems. Some pretty big problems. And if he ends up winning his race against Raphael Warnock, it will be in spite of a number of huge red flags.

That said, though, we also need to be very clear that drawing attention to the issues surrounding Walker does not for a second mean that we believe Raphael Warnock deserves to win. See, Warnock is surrounded by a number of huge red flags as well, only he has the advantage of being a Democrat and thus having his red flags get largely ignored by the mainstream media. The same journalists falling all over themselves to expose the walking, talking scandal factory that is Herschel Walker are reliably conspicuously incurious about all the skeletons in Warnock’s closets.

And that means it’s up to others to make sure that Warnock’s own demons are fully exposed. It’s up to people like Matthew Foldi, former Washington Free Beacon investigative reporter and current Republican U.S. House candidate for Maryland’s Sixth District. So, without further ado, here’s Foldi with the sunlight:

Got all that, MSM? Should be enough to keep you guys busy for quite a while.

Now, try doing your jobs for change.



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