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Blue-checked natsec lawyer Bradley P. Moss explains why Biden admin creating a job for Ron Klain's wife is the good kind of nepotism

As we told you earlier, the Biden administration has created a brand-new government job that, just like every other government job, is totally necessary.


The creation of this job was especially necessary, because the woman for whom it was created, Monica Medina, happens to be married to White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain. Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler conveniently left that fact out of his coverage. Unfortunately for Glenn, the word about Medina still got out, and a lot of people — at least a lot of conservative and Republican people — were pretty disgusted to learn that Ron Klain’s wife just got appointed to a fake position where she will be paid handsomely with real taxpayer money.

Well, all you right-wing haters, there’s something you need to keep in mind: Donald Trump. Here’s the world’s smartest liberal national security lawyer Bradley P. Moss to explain:

Shorter Bradley P. Moss: It’s (D)ifferent when Democrats do it.


Brad’s so predictable. All these people are so predictable.

Nope. He doesn’t see it:

Oh, shut up, Bradley. Seriously. Just shut up.

Would Bradley have been so calm about this if Melania Trump had been appointed to be the diplomat for supermodels and beautiful women?

To be fair, Bradley’s been hanging around the bottom of the barrel for a while now.




‘Nothing else to do?’ Brit Hume calls out blue-checked natsec lawyer Bradley P. Moss for ‘[inventing] a new type of trolling’


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