Donald Trump is still working hard to convince Americans that the presidential election is being stolen right out from under him, and that many Republicans in Congress are content to just sit back and let it happen:

Apparently Trump is 110% committed to going out swinging. It’s gonna be a busy next few weeks, and it seems like a safe bet that this isn’t going to stop after Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Anyway, national security lawyer Bradley P. Moss is among many people calling Trump out for these last-ditch attempts to nullify the election results. And there’s nothing inherently wrong with calling Trump out for that.

But for some inexplicable reason, Moss decided to drag Brit Hume into it:

Bradley is sure, you guys.

Despite, you know, having no basis for such a prediction.

Hume, needless to say, is irritated. But at least he’s willing to give Moss props for being irritating:

Evidently Bradley’s got a lot of time on his hands.

Because they’re bored. Pretty soon, Trump will be out of the White House and they’ll have to find a new schtick, and they’re not sure what they’re gonna do yet.

Fortunately, Hume’s become quite adept at dealing with people like Moss.