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Principled Conservative™ Bill Kristol floats Warriors coach Steve Kerr for 2024 Dem presidential nomination

Late last month, Warriors coach Steve Kerr delivered an impassioned speech about the need for gun control in the wake of the deadly mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Here it is again, in case you missed it:

Obviously, Kerr cares very deeply about this issue. And that’s great. Good for him. Does he know what he’s talking about? OK, well, maybe not. Did he actually successfully advocate for dismantling the Oakland Unified School District’s internal police force? Well, maybe yeah.

But ultimately all that matters is that he says a lot of words and has only the best of intentions and, of course, can’t stand Donald Trump. At least that’s all that matters to Principled Conservative™ Bill Kristol, who thinks Kerr’s got what it takes to coach the entire United States as our next president:

So Bill doesn’t think Joe Biden is up for the job anymore? Bill was all in on Biden in 2020. Wonder what changed.

Anyway, we hope Steve Kerr is listening. If Bill Kristol is known for one thing, it’s having his finger on the pulse of American politics. Remember what a great job he did when he decided to try to recruit David French to run against Donald Trump and then campaigned for Evan McMullin? Bill’s a kingmaker, dammit! He makes kings!

There’s definitely something to be said for Bill’s standards. Namely that they’re a joke.

Nothing but embarrassment for Bill Kristol.

Muh Conservative Principles™.



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