Recently, world’s wealthiest man and prospective Twitter overlord Elon Musk announced that, for the first time in his life, he will be voting Republican. Basically, he isn’t leaving the Democratic Party, but they’ve left him.

For what it’s worth, Colorado Democratic Gov. Jared Polis thinks that Musk’s reasoning is flawed, because the Democrats love unity and love and kindness and freedom and prosperity:

Well, not that anyone was asking, but for all the folks out there who might have been wondering what Bill Kristol thinks about this, wonder no more:

Hey, if Bill Kristol wants to put his eggs in Jared Polis’ basket, that’s cool. But it’s also just further confirmation that Bill Kristol has ditched any semblance of conservatism in favor of shiny leftism.

Polis was actually great when it came to COVID, and he deserves props for taking a commonsense approach to getting back to normal. But Polis also signed a bill into law that keeps abortion legal through the entire pregnancy.

The old “Weekly Standard” version of Bill Kristol never would’ve gotten behind something like that.

If nothing else, at least Bill Kristol in his old age finally seems to have gotten comfortable in his own reptilian skin.

Kristol seems determined to confirm that that’s the case.



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