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Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon busts Taylor Lorenz for lying about him in her latest thread sliming Libs of Tik Tok

Earlier, we told you about Washington Post doxxer troll Taylor Lorenz and her callous dismissal of death threats against Libs of Tik Tok. Death threats, it’s important to note, that increased in frequency follow Lorenz’s “reporting” on Libs of Tik Tok.


Lorenz took the time out of her very busy schedule to put together an entire thread explaining why Libs of Tik Tok has no right to complain and doesn’t deserve anyone’s sympathy. Lorenz’s thread included this tweet about The Babylon Bee investing in Libs of Tik Tok:

“As I reported.” In other words, “as I pulled out of my butt, where I get all of my material”:

Here’s what Dillon said back in April of this year, when Lorenz doxxed Libs of Tik Tok:


Nowhere in that tweet did Dillon say that The Babylon Bee had invested in Libs of Tik Tok. Lorenz could have reached out to him for clarification, but that would have required that she put some effort into her “journalism” and as she’s so clearly demonstrated, she’s more of a shoot-first-ask-questions-later-or-better-yet-never kind of gal.

She apparently thinks we’re incapable of noticing an obvious pattern.

That rando appears to have done more research into the matter than Taylor Lorenz (though his gotcha attempt against Dillon only bolster’s Dillon’s credibility, so “double oops,” indeed).



In any event, it looks like once again, Taylor Lorenz has exposed herself as a hack and a fraud and a liar and an all-around piece of excrement. Revealing her true horrible nature is the one thing she’s consistently good at.

Uh, yeah.

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