Remember when Disney straight-up fired Gina Carano over a tweet that wasn’t half as offensive as the rant that got Whoopi Goldberg a two-week suspension from “The View”? The fine folks at The Daily Wire stepped up and worked out a deal with Carano to star in their films. And when Allison Williams left ESPN over the vaccine mandate there, The Daily Wire scooped her up.

Now we have Seth Dillion, who knows a thing or two about being canceled after The Babylon Bee’s Twitter account was locked for posting a tweet naming Rachel Levine “Man of the Year.” Dillon’s still going strong on Twitter, and he weighed in on the doxxing of the woman behind Libs of Tik Tok by Washington Post “tech reporter” Taylor Lorez.

Nice. The deal was reportedly in the works before all of this blew up Tuesday, but good work nonetheless.

They’ve suspended people for “hateful conduct” for using the word “pansy.” We hope Dillion has big things in mind.


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