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WaPo's Dave Weigel doesn't get why conservatives are so worked up over Taylor Lorenz's grossly dishonest framing of Nina Jankowicz's downfall

In case you missed it, Washington Post “reporter” and “journalist” Taylor Lorenz broke the news that the Department of Homeland Security decided to scrap their precious Disinformation Governance Board, in no small part because of the “coordinated right-wing attacks” on the Board’s head, Nina Jankowicz.



Griswold was not, in fact, surprised that that was the framing. None of us really were, to be honest, nor were we surprised to see Taylor Lorenz’s name on the byline for a scoop framed that way.

But for some reason, Lorenz’s WaPo colleague Dave Weigel seems kind of surprised that people are upset about the way Lorenz framed her scoop:

Here’s some breaking news: Dave Weigel is really, really full of it.


That’s one of many problems with Weigel’s argument.


We will concede, though, that Weigel is correct when he says it’s easier said than done to scoop Taylor Lorenz, because Lorenz apparently has special access to the White House that most of us don’t. As Glenn Greenwald was careful to point out, Nina Jankowicz has a history of being very friendly with Taylor Lorenz.

The odds are pretty stacked against anyone who wants to scoop Taylor Lorenz, which means that they’re extra stacked against anyone who’d like to see a more objective, less transparently stupidly partisan framing of a news story.


And then Dave can go grumble about it on his Substack.

Salty. Like flop sweat.

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