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Ian McKelvey explores how 'Great Replacement Theory' is actually a *Democratic* phenomenon [videos]

In the wake of the horrific, deadly mass shooting in Buffalo this past weekend, there’s been a lot of talk about “Great Replacement Theory.” Mainly that conservatives and Republicans cling very dearly to the fear that white supremacy will be supplanted by racial diversity and that immigration and non-white people having babies will totally change the demographics of this country.


We haven’t really seen a whole lot of evidence, of course, that conservatives and Republicans are exclusively white and that they condone the actions of the Buffalo self-professed far-Left shooter, but hey. The massacre has given the Democratic Party nothing if not ammunition to come after the GOP (even if the ammunition consists of nothing but blanks and duds).

Tweeter Ian McKelvey, with whom you may be familiar if you’re a regular at Twitchy, decided to take a closer look at Democrats’ and liberals’ newfound obsession over “Great Replacement Theory,” and he found that the obsession isn’t actually all that new. In fact, they’ve been at this for quite a while now.

You won’t want to miss McKelvey’s thread.

Sounds like Michael Smerconish and Prof. Rogelio Saenz are trying to make a very big deal out of demographic changes in Texas, framing the growing Latino share of the population as a political opportunity for Democrats to gain power in the state. We could’ve sworn that that kind of talk was considered problematic.


Tucker Carlson may spend a lot of time on his show discussing immigration (both legal and illegal), and we can certainly debate the merits of his arguments, but he’s not the guy who started emphasizing demographic changes in a political context; the Left talks about it all of the time, but for some reason, they get a pass.


Conservatism — genuine conservatism — embraces legal immigration. Genuine conservatives recognize what immigrants have contributed to this country and what they can continue to bring.

The Democratic Party, by contrast, views immigrants as a monolith and as little more than a means to political ends.

See, now that’s racist.


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