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Charlie Crist wishes a 'good morning to everyone ready to vote DeSantis out this November'

Bless Charlie Crist’s heart. Just go ahead and bless it!

The Other Orange Man continues to cling to his delusions of defeating Ron DeSantis in the Florida gubernatorial race. And maybe — maybe — his chances are slightly better than those of Nikki Fried (after all, he did score the coveted Nancy Pelosi endorsement), but that’s not saying much.

He may not want to admit it, but he’s positioning himself for a sound, humiliating trouncing by DeSantis in November. And he’s in too deep to pull back now:

Yes! Good morning to everyone ready to vote DeSantis out this November!

Both? Now, now … that’s not fair. There are probably more than two out there …

We’re squinting so hard, our eyes are basically closed.

Four? Try five:

Or maybe even dozens:


So see? Charlie’s got the Never Nude vote locked up. Good for him.

150? OK, that seems a bit high. Let’s not get his hopes up that much.

Honestly, if Charlie Crist is able to get one person to vote for him who isn’t himself, he’ll have at least spared himself complete humiliation. Maybe someone out there could throw a pity vote his way? Guy could use a break from getting his butt kicked.


Charlie Crist ‘attempts a populism’ telling Joy Reid why he’d be a better governor than Ron DeSantis, promptly sticks his foot in his mouth


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