After years of forgetting that he existed, we’ve recently gotten back into the swing of covering Charlie Crist. We sort of have to, what with him running for Governor of Florida.

And now that he’s gotten Nancy Pelosi’s official endorsement, he’s riding high and feeling prettay, prettay, prettay good about his chances.

That’s unfortunate for him, because his chances have basically been zero. And after his appearance on “The ReidOut” with Joy Reid on MSNBC last night, they might be less than zero:

Charlie Crist attempted a populism — but the only thing he was actually able to pull off was a sad little faceplant. He’s used to faceplanting, of course, so this is hardly new territory for him. But you’d think that by now he’d get tired of all scratches and bruises. Evidently, Charlie Crist is just a masochist.

Had Charlie not been unprepared, he might have realized that Joy Reid went to … Harvard. Like, you can see on her face the moment Charlie slips on that banana peel. We can’t stand Joy Reid to save our lives, but we can actually sympathize with her here when she realizes that Charlie Crist is a clown.

Anyway, even if Joy Reid had gone to Florida State University instead of Harvard, Charlie’s attempt at a populism was a fail. Ron DeSantis went to Harvard and Yale and is pretty popular with former “public school kids” and Ivy Leaguers alike.

Alas, we can’t say the same for poor Charlie.

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