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Elizabeth Warren hopes you're stupid enough to believe that inflation's happening because 'giant corporations are price gouging & reaping record profits'

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are trying their best to rein in inflation, but it’s just so damn difficult, you know? Every time they get close, it runs away from them again.


To be sure, they’re up against a lot. There’s Vladimir Putin, of course. And the pandemic!

And, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren reminds us, those pesky giant corporations and their price gouging:

Effing giant corporations, man. They’re relentless. They’re the worst offenders of all!

They bided their time, waiting until just the right moment to strike. They’re so crafty!


Elizabeth Warren is literally a far-Left mad lib.


Elizabeth Warren is apparently counting on the existence of a lot of people without brains.

Elizabeth Warren is just Alex Jones with designer shoes and high cheekbones.

Big GiantCorporation is out to get the Dems!

Well, Dems are still getting elected sometimes, so maybe Liz is onto something, huh?


No. No she does not. But we sure as hell do.

We’re tired of all of it. Tired of Dems like Elizabeth Warren speaking with forked tongues. Tired of their refusal to take any ownership of the mess they’ve made.

Tired of wondering how we’re going to pay for gas when they literally get paid to gaslight us.

The Democratic Party is worse than useless; it’s toxic. They need to go.

Let’s hope they do.

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