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CNN loudly and repeatedly sounds alarm about imminent threat of 'far Right' violence over SCOTUS draft opinion [video]

Recently, we learned that some new fencing would be going up around the Supreme Court. Tall, non-scalable fencing:


These are the sorts of measures you’d expect to be taken in anticipation of some pretty bad stuff going down.

CNN definitely understands the need to brace for potential violence. After all, those crazy right-wingers are nothing if not violent and unpredictable:

You’ve also gotta love how Jim Sciutto and Whitney Wild were both able to casually slip in references to January 6. Now that’s Real Journalism, Mr. President!

Way to put Facts First™, CNN.

Yes. Exactly why.




CNN certainly thinks it’s flawless. And why shouldn’t they? It’s the same logic they use at MSNBC, the New York TImes, the Washington Post … CNN’s in the most illustrious company.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

Far Left is far Right.

They’re not kidding. They’re 100% serious. They know that it’s not the “far Right” who’s threatening violence over this, and they’re content to lie through their teeth because their job stopped being journalism a long time ago. These days, they’re dedicated Democratic and liberal propagandists and nothing more.



They’re counting on it. And make no mistake: there are people out there who will swallow this narrative without a second thought, even as they ready their own torches and pitchforks to storm SCOTUS.

Tacit threat … passion … tomayto, tomahto.



Go figure.

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