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Andrew Yang urges his supporters to join him in backing 'the genuine article' Evan McMullin against Mike Lee in Utah Senate race

Andrew Yang never had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Democratic presidential nomination. His bid for Mayor of New York City was also a long shot.

But you kinda couldn’t help but root for the guy, you know? He seemed nice enough, if totally wrong about good economic policy. He even spoke out in defense of Israel (before subsequently being shamed into walking it back somewhat).

But it’s gonna be pretty tough for us to get past this one:

More from Andrew Yang:

I’ve met with Evan and he’s the genuine article.  He never imagined a career in politics – he first tried to recruit others to run before stepping up to do so himself.  But he’s deeply concerned about the future of the country and is doing all he can to make a positive difference.  Now he’s running against Mike Lee for the same reason.

But Evan’s race will not be easy.  Lee has more than $2.1 million in cash reserves and has been endorsed by Trump.  Evan outraised Mike Lee in the first quarter $1 million to $523k so Evan has momentum but he needs our help.  I’ve donated to Evan and I hope that you will too.  You can also volunteer and tell your friends in Utah at https://evanmcmullin.com.  Let’s go all in for Evan.

Can there be a new approach to our politics that leads the right kind of people to Washington?  We are going to find out in Utah in about 6 months.  Let’s show the nation that there’s still hope for good people like Evan to rise up, run for the right reasons, put country over party, and win.

Oh, baby … what is you doin’? This is some yikes-worthy talk if we’ve ever seen it.

Evan McMullin is only the genuine article if you’re reading American Grifter Magazine.

That’s the least of Yang’s problems. Alas, Andrew. We wanted to respect you. We really did.

It should go without saying that no one should have any fascination with Evan McMullin.



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