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New Axios/Ipsos poll suggesting that most Americans (including Republicans) are cool with air travel mask requirements seems ... flawed

Seen all those videos of airplane passengers rejoicing at being able to take off their masks at last? Heard from people excited at finally having the opportunity to have a relatively normal flight experience?

Well, don’t believe your lying eyes and ears. See, as Axios reports today, a new Axios/Ipsos poll has found that most Americans (even the Republican kind!) are big fans of having to mask up when traveling on public modes of transportation:

Clearly Ipsos’ polling on this issue is sound and doesn’t contain any holes or flaws whatsoever. Poll results don’t get any more airtight than this!

Oh. Huh:

That actually seems kind of important, no?

Shouldn’t the poll be focused on Americans who have flown on airplanes recently, or at least in the past two years?

It kind of is.

Just because Ron Howard wants to keep his mask on at the airport today doesn’t mean everyone else does.

Jen Psaki will just tell you that “anecdotes are not data,” but it’s important to remember that no one should be listening to Jen Psaki.

Or to this poll.

Not quite … but that’s not too far off:

OK then.


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