In case you’ve been keeping a running list of thoughtful and wise and virtuous liberals who are taking a bold stand in favor of continuing to wear a mask in the face of being told that masking is optional, here’s another entry for you.

Actor and director Ron Howard may be busy and important, but he’s not too busy and important to put on a mask at the airport. What a man of the people!

For himself and for others! Opie was raised knowing how to do the right thing, and dammit, the lesson stuck with him.

Yes, thank you for caring, Ron!! Thank you for putting others’ needs above your own and for leading by example!

Narrator: Wearing a mask did not make Ron Howard a good person. It did demonstrate, however, that he’s totally full of it.


April 12, 2022 (when the mandate was still in place):

Where’s your mask, Ron? Are train passengers not entitled to the same protection from your cooties as airplane passengers?

Never fails.



Sassy epidemiologist stands ‘in defiance of the mask mandate removal’ by understanding neither masking technique nor what words mean [pic]

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