For some reason, a lot of liberals out there seem to be under the impression that lifting the mask mandate for airplanes and other public transportation is the same thing as a ban on wearing masks in airplanes and other public transportation.

What they fail to realize is that we literally could not care less if they want to keep their mask on in public spaces — or even in private spaces. We just don’t care. But the way they’re making such a big deal out this, it’s pretty clear that they really, really, really want us to care.

Here’s another try-hard wannabe-warrior. Her name is Dr. Emily Ricotta, and she’s an epidemiologist who refuses to be allowed to decide if she wants to wear a mask:

Of course we had to screenshot it, because obviously:

So stunning! So brave!

Her Twitter handle is “@Iplaywithgerms.” She studies infectious diseases. So you’d think that she of all people would be able to demonstrate proper masking technique.

Dr. Ricotta has not only left herself vulnerable to COVID, but, even worse for her, she’s left herself vulnerable to mockery. Quite a bit, in fact.

And all of it well deserved.

Not just bravery, but *defiant* bravery.


Good idea. You can never be too safe. Or too insane.

Emily walked so Iowahawk could run.

Don’t worry. She will. Emily brings sass to irrelevance!

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