We thought this went without saying, but apparently it doesn’t, so we’ll say it again: lifting the mask mandate in airplanes and other forms of public transportation is not the same thing as forbidding passengers from wearing masks if they want to wear masks.

This is something lost on people like Roland Martin and Bess Kalb, who was a writer for Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show and is currently the head writer and EP of something called “Yearly Departed” on Prime. At least Kalb has a comedic background, so her take on the lifted mandate is clever.

Just kidding! It’s not clever in the least:

The idea is that being able to make a personal decision about whether or not to wear a mask on a plane is as dangerous as smoking. We’ll just tell you right now: it doesn’t make any more sense upon subsequent readings.

We didn’t think it needed to be explained, but Bess isn’t exactly Mensa material. She’s not even Penske material.

Never hurts to remind us, though.

Hey now. Bess is very proud of herself for it!

Probably has some good reverb in there.


Story of our lives. But if Bess doesn’t seem to know, we certainly can’t be expected to make any sense of it.

Um … congratulations?

Bess isn’t insecure! She just bases her self-worth on Twitter likes!

That’s how she became such a popular Twitter personality, probably.

She makes do with the skin she’s in, thank you very much.

Honestly, we’d rather hang out with that guy than Bess Kalb.

We’re cool with her staying home. Saves us the trouble of having to run into her, saves her the trouble of making an ass of herself in public spaces.



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