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The View's Sunny Hostin says her family has 'explored' suing the Trump admin, whom she blames for her in-laws' deaths from COVID [video]

Just about two months ago, “The View” cohost Sunny Hostin was very emphatic in her support of vaccinating healthy teenagers against COVID, because she didn’t want her 15-year-old to become a statistic by being among the “1%” of unvaccinated young Americans who end up intubated and dead. Hostin of course pulled that “1%” out of nowhere, because the actual statistical data put the actual death rate at about 0.008%, which is significantly less than 1%.


Anyhoo, we have to assume that since that time, Hostin’s math skills haven’t improved. Not just because she’s an idiot who doesn’t care about facts, but also because she’s apparently been very, very busy trying to figure out if she could sue Donald Trump and his administration because her in-laws died of COVID:

Janice Dean coming after Andrew Cuomo because her in-laws died from COVID makes sense. They died as a direct result of his deadly policies that put the elderly of New York at very high risk of contracting and ultimately dying from COVID.

Sunny Hostin coming after Donald Trump because her in-laws died from COVID makes decidedly less sense. Joy Behar points to “the lies and misinformation” from the Trump administration and wonders if there’s some kind of class action lawsuit against the administration, which demonstrates pretty clearly that Joy Behar’s grasp on the legal system is about as slippery as it gets. But instead of stopping Joy right there, Hostin admits to entertaining the idea of a lawsuit. And she’s a lawyer. If we were her, we’d ask for a refund from Notre Dame, because her education apparently didn’t take.




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