The ladies of “The View” claimed that they couldn’t wait until Donald Trump was no longer in the White House. They couldn’t wait until they could finally discuss topics other than Donald Trump.

And yet, like so many others in the MSM, more than a year into Joe Biden’s administration, they just can’t seem to quit the previous president. Or, it seems, his wife.

That’s right, folks. It seems that Melania Trump — who has kept a relatively low profile since Jill Biden became First Lady — is once again a flaming-hot topic for discussion around America’s coffee table. Well, specifically, Melania’s grasp of the English language:

Credit to Whoopi Goldberg for, well, giving credit to Melania Trump for being a polyglot. If Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin couldn’t follow Whoopi’s lead, they should’ve shut up right then and there.

So … does this mean we can add language trutherism to the BlueAnon Binder? Like, it’s no Melania-Trump-body-double conspiracy theory, but it’s still impressively stupid.

We’ll take that bet.

Mais oui.

That’s French, Sunny. Do you speak it? Melania Trump does.

The conversation is definitely embarrassing for the women at the table, but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless. It actually offers a very helpful glimpse into the messed-up mindset of self-righteous, self-proclaimed tolerant liberals.


Always remember, kids:

If you’re ever confused about when it’s wrong and when it’s not, just check the politics of the target. If they’re the (R)ight ones, you’re good to go.

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