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Reason's Robby Soave says it's 'very weird' to not want your kids to know certain details of their teachers' personal lives

Reason’s Robby Soave has had a lot of really good takes. But because few people can be right all time, he’s also had a few clunkers.

His take on Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law would fall into the latter category:


Who’s defending the law along those lines? We must’ve missed it.

Robby Soave’s (and Dave Weigel’s) framing of the law’s defenders’ rationale would be a lot better if it weren’t so disingenuous. But it is disingenuous.

And so, we’re left with no choice but to push back against Soave’s dishonest characterization.


Maybe they mentioned their own kids. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

And it’s probably pretty safe to say that very few of the people defending the Parental Rights in Education law have a problem with kids knowing that their teachers have families and lives outside of school.


The issue isn’t K-3 kids knowing that their teachers are people; the issue is K-3 kids being taught about sexuality and gender identity by people who aren’t their parents, without their parents’ permission. There’s no reason that should be happening in a classroom environment. And there’s no reason teachers’ discussions of their personal lives should ever get below the most surface of surface stuff.

If Robby Soave wants to have an honest discussion about the law, he needs to be honest about the law.

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