We like Reason and we like Reason editor Robby Soave. Reason provides some good insight into the Libertarian point of view; the well-thought-out one, not the insane pap usually spouted by Libertarian candidates who always come from the fringes. Speaking of candidates, Soave thinks it’s “pretty obvious” that one Republican is best set up to beat a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket in 2024 if Biden lasts that long.

Sell it, Soave:

Virtually any political figure with an R next to his or her name will look like the favorite, with the possible exception of Trump, who inspires rabid loyalty among a contingent of the Republican base while actively scaring off the suburban swing voters needed to take back the White House.

But while Trump would be one of just a few Republicans who might actually struggle to beat Biden in a theoretical matchup, there are certainly ways for the GOP to improve its odds, beyond simply not nominating Trump. Indeed, there is one candidate who would almost certainly attract independent, moderate and even Democratic voters — perhaps enough of them to win something approaching a landslide, if current conditions hold.

As a plus, he’s no novice: In fact, he’s already run for president.

Or, you could run with the guy who stands in stark contrast to the Democratic Party and doesn’t do mean tweets: Gov. Ron DeSantis.

You know, it would almost be worth it to hear Biden say again to black audiences that Romney’s “gonna put y’all back in chains.”

“Pretty obvious?” Who honestly believed he was going to say Romney?



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