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Nancy Pelosi's latest comments on high gas prices make it clear that Dems are hellbent on running us into the ground [videos]

As we told you, the Biden administration is fixin’ to tap into our strategic oil reserve yet again in a shameless and gross attempt to stave off plummeting poll numbers. According to the administration, it’s ackshually because the greedy oil companies have left them with no other choice.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi echoed the blame-oil-companies line, but she didn’t forget to throw in one of the Democratic Party’s favorite catchphrases these days. We’re talking, of course, about “Putin Price Hike.”


Vladimir Putin is responsible for starting the energy crisis, and the oil companies — those enemies of nature and the earth and all that is good in life — are responsible for not shutting the crisis down.

Nancy Pelosi, the Biden administration, and the Democratic Party will never take responsibility for the havoc they’ve wreaked on Americans, even though anyone whose eyes and ears are open knows full-well that it’s Democrats’ horrible policies that have put us in this worsening mess.


Or she hopes we are.

They’ll try whatever garbage they can in order to avoid taking responsibility. It’s incumbent upon us not to let them get away with it.

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