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For the children: Disney says they 'remain committed' to getting the ''Don't Say Gay'' bill repealed

Anyone hoping that Disney wouldn’t wade into the “Don’t Say Gay” debate was only setting themselves up for disappointment. It didn’t take much pressure at all from purported LGBTQ activists to persuade the children’s entertainment company to speak up and get involved, and of course, CEO Bob Chapek came down on the side of the activists. Because of course he did. God forbid he tell the Woke Mob to go to hell.


Anyway, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law today, much to Nancy Pelosi’s chagrin, and Disney is just as outraged as she is:

OK, so, first of all:

Cute trick, Disney. It’s “also known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill” because it’s been grossly misrepresented by media, Democratic politicians, and woke leftists as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. For the record, it’s also also known as the “Parental Rights in  Education” bill. Because that’s what it actually is. Why don’t you call it that?


It seems fair to ask why Disney is so invested in this.

Disney’s statement, just like so many other statements from the bill’s critics, purposefully ignores the nature of the bill.

That seems pretty reasonable, Disney. Don’t teach young kids about sexuality or gender identity in the classroom without their parents’ consent.


Disney’s outrage is noted. It is, however, not worth a damn. Because at the end of the day, Disney hearts China.

If withholding complicated discussions about sexuality from a bunch of first graders is a violation of their human rights, then what the hell would Disney call China’s Uyghur genocide? Price of doing business?

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