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Wait, what? Ketanji Brown Jackson tells Lindsey Graham that she wasn't aware that Dem Sen. Joe Biden filibustered Janice Rogers Brown [video]

Yesterday, on the first day of Senate confirmation hearings for Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, we took a lovely little stroll down Memory Lane for a look back at then-Senator Biden’s treatment of qualified black woman Judge Janice Rogers Brown. If you’ll recall, Biden vowed that he would filibuster her nomination if she were nominated to the Supreme Court.


Given that the same Joe Biden has nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, someone he claims is a qualified black woman, now seems like as good a time as any to ask Judge Jackson how she feels about that. So, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham asked her about that today.

And Judge Jackson responded by claiming that she is unfamiliar with the circumstances surrounding Judge Janice Rogers Brown’s torpedoed Supreme Court nomination:

Wait a minute … what? Really?

“I can’t speak to something that I just learned two seconds ago in your conversation with me.” OK, Judge Jackson. That is, as Lindsey Graham said, fair enough.

But just because it’s fair doesn’t mean it’s a good response, particularly from someone who is currently under serious consideration for the Supreme Court. Particularly given that Janice Rogers Brown’s name has come up pretty frequently in recent days by conservatives wanting to draw attention to Joe Biden’s actual record when it comes to qualified black women nominated for eminent court positions.


Maybe it should’ve been left in his opening statement. But it came up today, and it arguably merits an answer from Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Once again, Judge Jackson isn’t doing herself any favors.



Ketanji Brown Jackson explaining how federal sentencing guidelines for child pornography offenders are out of date is … not the best look

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