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Miles Taylor reveals that 'Top Republicans' are lining up behind Dem Sen. Mark Kelly in order to 'save our democracy' [video]

Remember Miles Taylor? He’s the “high-level” Trump administration official who authored the “Anonymous” op-ed in the New York Times and went on to write a book, “A Warning.” Well, since revealing his true superhero identity, Taylor has dedicated his life to the Renew America Movement, the organization he cofounded “to defeat extremists and restore a common-sense coalition in American politics.


And now, he’s asking Republicans to stand with a man who embodies all the values they look for in a Republican: Arizona Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly.

“Top Republicans,” eh? Who are these “top Republicans”? Because we’d like to meet ’em. They sound like a very interesting bunch!

Ah. OK, that definitely makes more sense. “Grifters” would’ve been a much more appropriate word choice.

It does seem like something that should ping Twitter’s misinformation radar. Where’s @TwitterSafety on this? Where are the authoritahs?


Ah, yes. Evan McMullin. He’s as Republican as Mark Kelly!



‘Republicans with a plea’ Miles Taylor (aka ‘Anonymous’) and Christine Todd Whitman are begging you to team up with Dems to save America

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