As Twitchy reported recently, the New York Times’ “The Daily” recently reviewed the newspaper’s policy on dealing with hacked materials and leaks. Reporters were to use the EMAIL method to ascertain the situation, with EMAIL standing for evidence, motive, activity, intent, and labels. They certainly didn’t follow those guidelines when chasing down the Russian collusion scandal, and they also apparently have no problem with anonymous sources — nor does any other mainstream outlet.

The thing about “Anonymous” — the “high-level’ White House official who wrote an op-ed as well as a book called “The Warning” — is that people took him so seriously … so much so that HuffPost even floated the theory that the op-ed might have been written by Vice President Mike Pence:

If you were reading Twitchy last night or watching Tucker Carlson (or both), you know that former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski came forward for an hour with emails, audio, documents, and texts all fingering Joe Biden has having a part in his son’s business dealings in China. Bobulinski dropped some serious bombshells and wrapped up by saying he had gotten a team of former Navy SEALS to guard his family because of death threats. Bobulinski gets death threats, while Taylor gets a gig as a CNN contributor.

Speaking of CNN, they spent plenty of time Wednesday talking about the “Anonymous” story while ignoring the other one that was anything but anonymous.

… a 2018 New York Times op-ed.

Amazing. Well, you see, the thing is that Bobulinski’s claims can’t be verified, while an opinion piece by an unnamed writer finally can.