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The View's Sunny Hostin says criticism of Kamala Harris' inappropriate cackling habit is obviously 'based in racism' [video]

No day is complete until Kamala Harris makes a complete ass of herself. She did it today, of course, when she was supposed to be answering a question about inflation.


It’s actually pretty shocking. No, not that her answer would make absolutely no sense as a response to the question she was asked, but that she managed to give any answer at all without busting into her trademark nervous cackle.

She did do her cackle yesterday, though, during a joint presser with Polish President Andrzej Duda, as she discussed the crisis facing Ukrainian refugees:

Harris took a lot of heat for that, and with good reason. The cackling has always been super inappropriate, but it’s even more inappropriate when discussing a topic as serious as Ukrainian refugees.

Well, “The View” cohost Sunny Hostin does not appreciate when people criticize Kamala Harris’ inappropriate laughter, because that criticism is rooted in racism (with a healthy sprinkling of misogyny, of course):


Always with the race card. Isn’t it actually more insulting to Kamala Harris to use her race to shield her from criticism? If her intellect is really all Sunny Hostin says it’s cracked up to be, shouldn’t said intellect be a far better defense of her qualifications than her race?

We’re criticizing Kamala Harris on the merits — or lack thereof, really — of her character and intelligence. Her race has nothing to do with it.


Funny you should mention Sarah Palin. Her name actually came up during the discussion:

Meh, we’re not sure we can call it an epiphany. Because often with epiphanies, the implication is that a lesson will be learned. We don’t expect any lessons to be learned from this.

Sunny certainly hasn’t learned a damn thing:

These ladies, man.

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