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Joe Biden boldly proclaims that when it comes to high gas prices, he 'can't do much right now' because 'Russia is responsible' [video]

When he addressed the press and public yesterday morning on the energy crisis, President Biden — in addition to straight-up lying about his administration’s own leading role in the crisis — spilled the beans on the White House’s endgame when it comes to dealing with high gas prices:


Biden only leaned into that harder last night on Twitter:

Joe Biden and his administration don’t care about lowering gas prices. They don’t care about people who are already struggling to afford things like groceries also struggling to afford the gas they need to get to the grocery store. In the Biden administration’s mind, the energy crisis is a blessing, because it allows an ever-tightening grip on the American people’s lives and wallets.

A president who understood how Americans are hurting would — in theory, at least — stop and consider that the current strategy is not only not working, but is quite possibly making the situation exponentially worse.


Unfortunately, the president we’ve got is Joe Biden. So this is all he understands:

Translation: “Won’t do much right now. Except blame Russia because I refuse to accept responsibility for the colossal mess I’ve made.”

Oh well. At least Biden’s staying on-brand:

“Look, Fat. The buck stops somewhere else.”

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