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'Holy crap, how is this still a story?' MSNBC leans forward and falls into a pile of BS over Ron DeSantis' 'hot mic' pro-mask-choice moment

Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis put quite a few bees in the media’s bonnet when he told a group of students that they didn’t have to wear their masks around him.


“Yelled.” And bullied!

Are you sure about that, guys? What’s more shameful: Ron DeSantis politely telling kids that they’re free to take off their masks, or pushing a narrative about Ron DeSantis that is easily debunked by watching the video?

Lotta desperate reaching going on.

And MSNBC’s getting in on it, too, of course:

And the story here is … what, exactly?


“MSNBC is so desperate” would be the perfect slogan for the network. It applies to all their journalists, all their anchors, and all their material.

Do we need to watch the video again?

Like, if you’re going to frame something a certain way, at least make sure that there’s not readily available evidence that will prove conclusively that you’re lying.


The harder they try to make Ron DeSantis look bad, the worse the media come off.




Florida news station’s poll asking if Gov. DeSantis ‘was rude or bullied the students wearing masks’ has backfired

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