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John Hayward takes a closer look at authoritarianism, 'the hottest political product in the world right now'

China is frequently held up as the epitome of modern authoritarianism. And that’s fair. While North Korea, for example, is an authoritarian police state, Kim Jong-un doesn’t wield nearly the same magnitude of global power as Xi Jinping.

But these days, it seems that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau doesn’t want to be underestimated when it comes to his own authoritarian tendencies. Trudeau’s been quite the little wannabe dictator himself. As he sees it, the Freedom Convoy is a perfect excuse for him to seize authority in the name of protecting democracy.

John Hayward, who’s made a habit of crafting vital threads about various political issues, has written about Chinese authoritarianism before. But today, he’s taking a look at how that style of authoritarianism seems to be gaining quite a bit of popularity in governments outside of China:

Recall that Trudeau has expressed great admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship” in the past. He wasn’t bluffing.

Real, serious authoritarians choose their words very, very carefully.

Our own government has taken great advantage of that just during the pandemic.


Sound familiar?

A lot of progressives would finish reading Hayward’s thread and roll their eyes and sneer. The idea that leftism and progressivism can be authoritarian and anti-freedom!

But those whose eyes are wide open understand that Hayward is exactly right. Give the government an inch, and they’ll take a mile. And they’ll keep taking miles until they’ve taken everything.


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