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Gotta hear both sides! NBC covers Beijing Olympics by 'just casually working as a mouthpiece to push Chinese Communist propaganda' [video]

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today, Al Sharpton quite vocally expressed his disagreement with Nancy Pelosi’s insistence that American Olympians refrain from anything resembling criticism of the Chinese government while they’re over there.


So at least someone at MSNBC’s willing to err on the side of morality. But it doesn’t look like the same can be said for NBC.

Because NBC is going full-throttle ChiCom bootlicker:


The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin is rightly disgusted by what he’s seeing from NBC:


Contra NBC, you do not, in fact, gotta hear both sides. Not when one of those sides is a genocidal communist regime.

Who do you think you are, NBC? The New York Times?


Guess so.

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