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'What are you doing?' In bizarre twist, sketchy Parkland dad Fred Guttenberg sets his sights on Erielle Davidson for calling out his Hitler hypocrisy [pic]

Parkland father Fred Guttenberg has dealt with something no parent should ever have to deal with: the death of his child. The murder of his child.

That said, Guttenberg appears to be under the impression that his family’s devastating loss gives him carte blanche to act like a complete ass.


Since initially calling for Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw to be fired for making a silly Hitler joke:

He’s only doubled down on his insanity (and defended his own highly politically charged invocation of Hitler).

Erielle Davidson — Federalist alumna and current associate director for the Center for the Middle East and International Law at George Mason University — was among the many who called out Guttenberg for his legitimately gross comparison of GOP Sen. Josh Hawley to Hitler:


Well, Guttenberg was extremely offended that Davidson would dare suggest that his motives aren’t pure:

Guttenberg says that he “long ago stopped caring” about what his critics say, but he cared enough to share this email he received shortly after calling Davidson out:

Just in case he deletes, here’s a screenshot of the email Guttenberg allegedly received from Davidson or someone pretending to be Davidson:

Well, what more evidence do you need that Erielle Davidson has it in for Fred Guttenberg?


“A troll from the universe that you live in.”

Hey … you know, that’s a good question!

It kinda looks like he did …

We, too, have to ask you, Fred: what’re you doing?


This is all very weird.

Now, for what it’s worth, Guttenberg claims that the email came to him through his website,

Of course Davidson didn’t send it. And she never would. Guttenberg can’t be stupid enough to believe she would. So what other options does that leave?


Whether it was indeed a troll or Guttenberg himself who sent the email is arguably immaterial now. Because Guttenberg’s goal was to slime Davidson and impugn her character.

And he owes her an apology.



‘Life comes at you fast’: Fred Guttenberg made a huge mistake in not counting on Drew Holden to catch him redhanded in Hitler joke hypocrisy

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