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'Leave her alone, you jack*ass f*ckfaces': Brianna Wu (!) rightly blisters LGBTQ Nation for their despicable piece on Ted Cruz's daughter

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

Today, that squirrel is Brianna Wu, and the nut she’s found is that LGBTQ Nation is garbage for trying to weaponize 13-year-old Caroline Cruz’s sexuality against her father, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz.


Preach, Brianna.

Brianna Wu’s take is the correct one.

We can count the number of times we’ve agreed with Brianna Wu on one hand, maybe even just one finger. But we’re proud to find common ground with her on this. Good for her for calling out LGBTQ Nation’s — and their apologists’ — despicable behavior.


Some things just transcend petty partisanship. Like that kids are off-limits.



Blue-checked lib ‘writer, speaker, and thought leader’ comes out in favor of LGBTQ Nation trying to weaponize Ted Cruz’s 13-year-old’s sexuality

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