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Oliver Darcy tells Brian Stelter that the media need to connect better with the public because the public depends on media for COVID info [video]

CNN’s BlunderTwins Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy recently discussed if the media is “out of touch with the public about COVID.” Or, rather, Stelter asked Darcy and Darcy answered. Or tried to answer.



For what it’s worth, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski disagrees with Tom Elliott’s characterization of Darcy’s remarks:

Not so explicitly, no. That seems to be what Darcy is suggesting, though. Darcy’s argument effectively boils down to “the media need to get outside their bubble and reach out to regular Americans because otherwise regular Americans won’t know the things the media think they should know.”



It’s sounding pretty good right about now.

Parting breaking news:



Try to spot the differences between Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy’s reactions to Symone D. Sanders and Jesse Watters’ respective job news

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