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CNN's John Harwood explains that Joe Biden deferring to states on COVID 'is only a thing if you feign ignorance'

Yesterday, Joe Biden told us that our COVID problems would not be solved at the federal level, that it was up to the states to figure everything out.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with him saying that, of course, as it’s technically the truth. The federal government was never going to shut down the virus as Biden promised over and over again that it would.


No, the problem with Biden’s remarks is that he broke arguably his biggest campaign promise, a promise we’ve known all along that he wouldn’t keep. And that makes him look bad. Real bad. The White House is already trying to do damage control by sort of walking back Biden’s remarks. And that’s great, but sometimes you need a little outside help. Jennifer Rubin has done her part. Now here’s CNN’s John Harwood to do what he can:

Come on, John.


Like clockwork.

Why is it so difficult to just admit that Joe Biden royally screwed up his whole COVID strategy?

You’d think after this much practice, John Harwood would be able to hide it a little better. But no.

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