Guys, big news! Jennifer Rubin just had a major COVID breakthrough!

And she wants to share her epiphany with the rest of us:

In typical Jennifer Rubin fashion, this is amazing:

Almost two years after the country first shut down to protect itself against the coronavirus pandemic, President Biden is grasping a changing environment, both medical and political. The result could well encourage responsible Americans to get on with their lives while allowing recalcitrant vaccine refusers to face the consequences of their reckless conduct.

Joe Biden punts to the states — which is what he should’ve done at the outset — and suddenly Jen decides he’s brilliant for it, despite the fact that she also thought Biden was brilliant for doing the exact opposite.

You’ve gotta love it.

Don’t worry — it gets even better. The ending is just *chef’s kiss*:

Biden has correctly shifted the responsibility for the worst results to vaccine resistors, but he could go a step further and highlight the best and worst states each week on hospitalizations, deaths and vaccinations, underscoring best and worst practices. Red-state governors and MAGA rabble-rousers have gleefully impaired the vaccine effort, as they could turn around to blame Biden for the ongoing pandemic. But if they are scrutinized for their own poor performance, they might stop their obstruction and start vying for better rankings among the states.

None of this suggests Biden is indifferent to the plight of the unvaccinated. To the contrary, he has undertaken herculean efforts to educate them, enlist conservatives in vaccination efforts and push them toward vaccination with mandates. But as he told Americans in his remarks on covid-19 before Christmas, he cannot force people to be vaccinated. He can excoriate the purveyors of anti-vaccine propaganda and try to reason with those still entranced by MAGA anti-vaccine lunacy. But he need not carry the burden of the former’s malicious conduct or the rotten choices of the willfully unvaccinated.

He should continue to drive vaccination efforts and treatment breakthroughs, but he cannot keep wringing his hands over those who recklessly endanger themselves. Right-wingers who keep whining that federal mandates are intrusive (or even tyrannical) will see which Americans are responsible and which are not. It will be quite a reflection of the benefits of embracing scientific reality and tuning out right-wing nonsense and MAGA blowhards.

She’s still taking shots at red states and conservatives, as if they — and not her — have been wrong all this time. It’s just so perfect.

The exact opposite.

That’s our Jen.

El. Oh. El.

Ron Klain’s probably still gathering his thoughts.

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