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Peter Doocy backs Dr. Anthony Fauci into an extremely tight corner with question about testing requirements for 'everybody' entering the US [video]

Fox News’ Peter Doocy has backed Jen Psaki into countless corners … why shouldn’t he be able to do the same to Dr. Anthony Fauci?

The answer is that he should absolutely be able to do the same to Fauci. And he absolutely did today:


Totally different issue, you guys.

Totally different.

Anthony Fauci is science.


He’s blinding us with sciiiiii-ence.

Not on Anthony Fauci’s watch, it won’t.



More from reporter Bill Melugin, who’s been closely monitoring and covering the situation at our southern border:

In other words, Anthony Fauci is full of it.



‘Back door lockdown’: Biden admin considering a mandate that all travelers to the U.S. – including American citizens – quarantine for 7 days

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