The Washington Post is reporting this morning that the Biden administration is considering a new mandate that all travelers to the United States — including American citizens — must quarantine for 7 days regardless of vaccination status or a negative test result:

Even worse? They admit the mandate is unenforceable and that up to 75% of people will just ignore it anyway:

As a practical matter, state and local health departments are unlikely to be able to enforce requirements for additional testing and any self-quarantines once travelers arrive in the United States. More than 200,000 people arrived by plane daily in November, a figure that does not include travel over the Thanksgiving holiday, federal authorities said.

Even if only a quarter of those travelers comply with the requirements,however, it would make a difference by allowing for more prompt detection and isolation of at least some infected people who might be able to spread the virus, said public health experts.

“If you consider over 200,000 people a day [arriving in the United States], even 50,000 would help” determine the extent of spread, one of the three federal health officials said in a text message.

“This sure sounds like a back door lockdown”:

Of course, illegal immigrants will be exempt from the mandate:

Yeah, it’s not going to fly:


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