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Oliver Darcy complains that coverage of the Merrick Garland/DOJ/Biden admin/NSBA mess that CNN has ignored has 'saturated right-wing media'

As we told you, AG Merrick Garland tied himself into some impressive knots today while testifying before the House Judiciary Committee.

The now-infamous “domestic terrorists” memo referred specifically to violence, despite the fact that one of the central examples used to justify the DOJ’s crackdown on parents was not a violent incident and Garland claimed to not be familiar with the case. The case mentioned in the memo that his DOJ released.


Now, you might see stuff like that and have questions about what exactly Merrick Garland is doing. But you’re not CNN’s Oliver Darcy, who doesn’t understand why everyone’s making such a fuss over Garland and this memo anyway:

Oliver’s tired of all the dishonest presentations of the memo that Oliver Darcy himself doesn’t want to cover.

Memo? What memo?


In light of the Free Beacon’s major scoop about the White House collaborating with National School Board Association officials prior to the NSBA’s “domestic terrorism” letter that prompted the DOJ memo and Garland’s formation of a task force to tackle the aforementioned “domestic terrorism,” Oliver here has a golden opportunity to rectify CNN’s omissions.

So … whaddaya say, Oliver? You up for some actual real journalism?

We kid, of course. He’s probably much too busy watching Fox News with Brian Stelter to be bothered with such trivial things as the federal government actively working to undermine parents who actually give a damn about their kids.


If he tries really, really hard, maybe he’ll eventually figure it out. Maybe.



Merrick Garland’s responses to Rep. Andy Biggs’ memo questions puts the Biden admin’s ‘priorities’ in a nutshell

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