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'BUT TRUMP': CNN's Jim Sciutto wastes no time running interference after military testimony points to Joe Biden lying about Afghanistan withdrawal

CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie testified under oath today that he advised Joe Biden to maintain a U.S. military presence in Afghanistan or face imminent collapse of Afghan forces and resurgence of the Taliban. Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley backed that up. Joe Biden has emphatically denied ever receiving such advice.


So, assuming that Gen. McKenzie is not committing perjury, it would appear that Joe Biden was lying. Seems like a pretty big story, no?

Aaaaany minute now.

Well, it doesn’t seem like CNN’s Jim Sciutto’s going to say anything. Other than to defend Biden’s honor, of course:

According to Gen. McKenzie’s testimony, Joe Biden straight-up lied about the withdrawal.


Obviously this is Donald Trump’s fault.

Like glue.

Here’s HuffPost White House correspondent S.V. Daté, right on Sciutto’s heels:

Nice try, S.V. But no. Not even close.

Well, HuffPost is nothing if not a breeding ground for complete ignoramuses. Same goes for CNN.


The media know this. And they don’t care.


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